Sustainability week DSP 2021

The corona crisis affected us in a lot of ways, but not only in a negative way. Thanks to the quarantine we started to pay more attention to our lifestyles and focus on changing our bad habits. Even throughout the pandemic we did not forget about the other ongoing global crisis – the climate crisis. That’s why our school has decided to focus on sustainability this year.

The German school in Prague is organizing a project week with a different theme at the end of each school year. Even though our school has already completed a number of projects in relation to sustainability, but they never affected the whole school. Therefore, this year’s topic of the project week is sustainability, and every student has the option to choose one of the 18 projects, which were created by the teachers.

Sustainable farming around Prague

On of these projects focused on sustainability in real life economy and chose to explore organic farms around Prague.

The students witnessed how organic food is made without harming our nature. Besides, they learned that these farming methods and goods are not only good for our planet, but also for our health. They visited three places which are based on sustainable principles and we had a lot of fun exploring the world of ethical and organic farming. The grades 5 to 10 have joined forces to document this journey and even interviewed the owners. You can view more about the individual field trips by clicking on the pictures.

Cidrerie Kliment

An organic apple orchard and winery


“Farm to Table”


A sustainable bio restaurant

Participants of the project


Texts: Agnes Sophia Csaplovics

Camera: Philip Body, Hathiramani Alexis, Julia Rebernik

Interviews: Kety Tranová and Anouk Kistler

Drone footage and Video editing: Alexey Ivanov